This heart of mine was made to travel the world.

I should’ve told you what you meant to me.’Cause now I pay the price. I should’ve told everything. Maybe just maybe you’ll treat me differently. Maybe you’ll stay. I pushed you and not you pushed me too. Fck the day I saw you waiting for her. Just fck. No more yummy dinners and free access to your house. No more late night talks. -_-

It’s really awkward that your guy bestfriend is dating your friend and you’re just there faking that you’re happy for them. 👎

Back to square one. I can’t believe I push everyone. But this is is better. Life gets better. I can’t believe that they will all be strangers. Back to old me. Feeling tired.

fuck life for being unfair. fuck everyone for being insensitive. fuck everything that hurts. fuck every bitches out there. fuck. just fuck. i don’t even know how fuckingly fuck my life is.

my second home

Sometimes while I’m browsing, reading or seeing posts here on tumblr the thought of deactivating this account always comes to my mind probably because I know there are at least 5 or more people who know my blog and that’s kinda sad for me. However, I know that I’ll be regretting if I’m going to delete this account so hell NO. 

Maybe 10 years from now I’ll be going back to this blog and I’ll thank myself for posting stuff here because this will be my box of memories in a different way. 

In case, I and my family will leave this house I just want you to know what it looks like. So you’re leaving in a house that has 10 sturdy doors but unfortunately you only use 9 doors. Then, you have more than 10 lamps because this house has only 3 ceiling lights. 

Okay I’m getting lazy and I don’t know if my pronoun-antecedent agreement is correct. 7/25/14

I’m awkward.

Life is so tough and of course very challenging. I admit that I’m not the strongest person nor the happiest being here in this world but I know deep down in my heart and soul I’m one of those people who will always love to conquer every shit that life has. Sometimes, I doubt myself if I can do this or if I can achieve that but at the end of the day I’m still the girl who really believe that someday she will enjoy life like most of the endings in fairy tales. 

Sometimes I like to just go away. Sometimes I want to run as fast as I could, leave all the people important to me, and just stay go to meet new people. I hate the fact that I couldn’t make those wishes true and real. My life is fvcked as always.